Pros and Cons of Playing Online Poker

Play online poker or live – which is better? That really depends on the individual, whichever they are comfortable with. A lot of poker players have also tried to play online poker, while others are still debating themselves whether they should try it or not. If you are one of the latter, read the following reasons below why it is nice playing poker online, and why you should also be wary of it.

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Pros of Online Poker

Game selection – Many poker players find this as their best reason for playing online poker. Live poker games have limited game options for players to make money. Players are often given the option of playing between a game that is not profitable for the player and not playing the game at all.

The internet will give you an endless variety of online games to pick from. You can search for a specific game that you want played, especially when you are looking for a particular poker game online. There are hundreds of online poker games these days, and you get to try each of them if you want to, which is a feature that you cannot avail when you visit casinos. Even if you are considered one of the top ranking poker players in the world, you are still limited to a number of poker games compared to playing them online.

Lower Rake

The rake of the casinos online is lower compared to those in actual casinos. Players mostly pay less attention to the rake, but this can get devastating. Online rooms do not need to hire dealers, they have minimal overhead, they no longer need to rent a large space or buy tables and such, they can afford and even charge less. But just because they are starting this way does not mean they are getting less money per hour. It is actually the opposite. Because online games react way much faster compared to live ones, even when the rake is low, they are getting more money in an hour because of the extra hands that are raked in that time span. This will also be beneficial for players like you, too. If you win, you will also win more in an hour for similar reason.

Cons of Online Poker

Like every online game, online poker has its own set of disadvantages, too. This is a form of gambling, so you can pretty much imagine what those disadvantages are when in line with gambling, all the more when combined with online games, too.

Faster Losses

In just a span of an hour, you will have to play many hands compared to live casinos because there is the lack of delay between the hands, plus the instant deal. This would be beneficial if you are a winning player, but if you are the opposite, like many players do, you will lose a lot of money, and at a faster rate.

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Lack of Personal Interaction

The absence of real players is what makes online poker a downer. You cannot interact with other players like you do in real casinos. This is what makes most professional poker players really love to play at real casinos because they find great pleasure in it. This is in fact one of their main reasons they go to poker rooms, simply for interacting with other human players, not to win a game. Online poker does not have any of those interactions, or more like there is only ten percent of interaction. You are only limited to chatting without seeing their faces.

Another downer is that the experience you get from personal interaction is to get acquainted with other players, get to know their behaviour and how you can take advantage of their behaviour when playing poker. You will learn the skill of observing and analyzing body language, as it will give you hints on how they are going to play against you. You are being observed by the other players this way, too.